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The teams

Organising team :


Philippe Garnier, president and founder of Actions Mongolie, has a 20-year experience in the ophthalmological and medical equipment domain. He proposed to create this association after a journey to Mongolia that took place in summer 2001, during which he was touched by the medical destitution that affects nomadic people.
Claire Kopp, vice-president and founder, is a lawyer at Bio Mérieux. She discovered Mongolia in 2000, during her honeymoon with Jean-Christophe. She organises Actions Mongolie’s general assemblies and bring all her juridical abilities.
Alain Salmon, treasurer-founder, is an engineer. He discovered Mongolia in 1996 during a tourist trip. He now takes care of all Actions Mongolie’s missions and organises every year a concert to gain funds.
Jean-Christophe Kopp, secretary-general and founder works as a lawyer in the direction team of the Casino group. He takes care of this website.
Dastan Nigamet is our friend and correspondent in Mongolia. Former personal guide of the French ambassador, he speaks fluently five languages (Kazakh, Mongolian, Russian, English and French). He has a MBA from the Management school of Lyon (France) where he met Philippe Garnier.
Françoise Avond, recent retired person, discovered Mongolia in 2004. Having fallen in love with this country, she joined our organisation in 2005, where she now takes care of our subvention files and some arts and crafts.
Christian Hell, 40 years old and an agricultural engineer, brings his wide experience in healthy action. He is a great connoisseur of Mongolia, where he spent 5 years, including 2 years wifth a nomadic family, and then as a founder of Actions contre la faim. He knows Afghanistan as well, where he lived 11 years, leading successively the Actions Contre la Faim and Madera associations. He now manages agricultural collaboration projects financed by the European Union.
Erdene-Ochir Ochirkhand, A computer engineer, joined our association in 2005. She collects arts and crafts in Mongolia, and helps the organisation of events in France.
Zula Rinchin, A young Mongolian who has made her studies in France, is our main contact in Mongolia. She prepares the missions, gets in touch with local people and follows the budget with Dastan.

Medical team :

René Fritsch, A retired ophthalmological surgeon from Grenoble. René participated in all the missions. He opened in 2004 the first mission in Bayan Ulgii where he returned in 2005, 2006 and 2007. In 2008, he opened the mission in Dalanzadgad, South Gobi capital.
Yves Prunier, general practitioner, discovered Mongolia in 2000. He likes this country in which he goes about two times a year. He sponsored some doctors and taught in the Khentii area (2006 and 2007) and the Bayan Ulgii area (2005 and 2008).
Jacques Garron, an ophthalmological surgeon in Toulon, took part in the mission in Bayan Ulgii in 2005.
Chantal Novel is an ophthalmological practitioner in Saint-Vallier. Chantal took part in the missions in Bayan Ulgii in 2006 and 2007.
Yvette Hébrard, a midwife in Valence, was involved in the mission in 2008 in the Uulaankhous hostpital, in the Bayan Ulgii area.
Michel Foret, a male nurse, was involved in the mission in 2008 in the Uulaankhous hostpital, in the Bayan Ulgii area.
Agnès Rode is a radiologist in the Croix Rousse hospital in Lyon. After that a Mongolian surgeon spent a few time in this hospital, she started collaborating with the Oulaan Baatar hospital. her first mission was in 2008.