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Missions 2007

Dear members and friends,

Thanks to your support, this year, a strengthened team brought its help to the nomads backed-off the capital.

In Bayan Ulgii (1600 km west of Ulaan Baatar), our ophthalmological team composed of Chantal Novel (ophthalmologist in Saint Vallier) and René Fritsch (surgeon in Grenoble) kept on training two Mongolian ophthalmologists: Dr Kuliza and Dr Jambota. The equipment of their consultation practice has been improved with a translation table (including a slot-lamp, and an ophthalmic-meter), a testing projector/screen, a skiascope, a Lang-test system, etc. Thereof, the consultation programme was reorganised. During these trainings, 285 consultations and 12 operations had been performed, of which three were performed on children under full anaesthesia.

After a few years of collaboration (since 2004), we notice a better discipline. The medical file started being accepted by the majority: a nurse filled in the administrative file, another one performed the automatic refraction. Beyond the brought equipment, the training process and work methods really matter.

Chantal Novel oversees a consultation performed by Dr Jambota and Dr Kuliza (picture above).

Beyond these cares, we noticed the difficulties for these backed-off populations to get proper eye-correction.

The main news of this year is the partnership made with the ATOL group, which did not hesitate to provide a glasses factory, 30000 glasses, hundreds of frames for free, and ALSO sent two of their collaborators to set up the factory and train two local opticians. Eric Plat (optician from Bordeaux and member of the ATOL administration council) and Patrice Camacho travelled with Chantal, René, Philippe Garnier (president of Actions Mongolie) and Dastan Nigamet into deepest Mongolia. They shared their savoir-faire with the new local opticians. The ATOL group informed us about their will to join our future missions, to make this common work perpetual. THANKS A LOT TO THEM! Besides, the governor of this province took advantage of this factory’s inauguration to congratulate us for the help brought since 2004 by our association.

In Berkh, in the Khentii, 600 km west from the capital, Yves Prunier, general practitioner, and Ariuna, French-speaking Mongolian doctor brought their help to local farmers and miners (about 5000 people). Still collaborating with local doctors who requested our help, Dr Doridazaar and Dr Patjargal, Yves performed 150 consultations. This is the second mission performed by Yves Prunier in this disinherited area. We would like to thank the Roche laboratory for their medicines.

Finally, Yves participated, in the traumatology service of Ulaan Baatar hospital, at the rescuing of 8 survivors of the Helicopter crash that happened in Mongolia. This apparel took off with 22 persons on-board to put out some forest fires north of Ulaan Baatar. Unfortunately, it was victim of a crash. Yves could notice the lack of means of the emergency units, who needed 3 days to find the survivors. After this accident, Actions Mongolia was solicited to help local emergency team of the traumatology service of this hospital.

We still need your help and your support !

Moreover, Actions Mongolie would like to thank the association Réflexe Partage and the whole family of our correspondent Dastan Nigamet for their logistical help.