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Since its beginning, Actions Mongolie has been supported by some Lyonnais artists and friends that we would like to thank.

The first show in aid of Actions Mongolie was set in November 2005 by our choreographer and friend Kilina Cremona and her group: Les Ateliers Desmae.

During this show, the spectators discovered diphonic song style, a Mongolian tradition performed by our friend Bayarbaatar Davaasuren, better known as Bayar. He was with us during our concert in the Ainay basilica in May 2007 and in November 2008.

Bruno Robillard, first prize of piano of the Paris conservatory and teacher in CNSMD of Lyon, supports us and allowed us to realise in December 2006 a magnificent concert at the CNSMD.

His young student, Sarah Zajtmann, who loved “The Story of the Weeping Camel", had a performance at the CNMSD concert and at the Ainay basilica concert.

The group of traditional Mongolian singers “La voix de la steppe” composed of Bazraa and Nara, was involved in two concerts in aid of our organisation in December 2006 and November 2008. Being a soloist tenor, Bazraa performed Soutrinka during two concerts of Dogora in February and March 2008.

Finally, we would like to thank Vincent Coiffet and Jean-Pierre Prajoux for their engagement at our side, during the Dogora concerts of February and March 2008 with their respective groups: Le diapason de Lyon, Les petits chanteurs de Mongré and the symphonic orchestra of Lyon for having handled the musical arrangement of the ambitious Dogora concerts organised in partnership with both the Rotary Club and the city of Villefranche sur Saone.