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Our sponsor committee

Byambasuren Davaa

Actions Mongolie entertain a sponsor relationship with the young Mongolian directress Byambasuren Davaa. After her studies in Ulaan Baatar, Byamba joined a film school in Munich (Germany) that will draw attention to her and her first feature-length film, “The story of the weeping camel”, awarded by many festivals and nominated to the 2005 Oscars ceremony.

Byamba accepted in June 2005 to sponsor our association: “I have been really touched by your project, I sincerely thank you for the help you bring to the population of my country (…) I would like to thank you for the trust you are according to me. Your offer of becoming the sponsor of your project is a real honour to me (…) I am in Mongolia during August to prepare for the releasing of my film, I would be very delighted if we could meet in Ulaan Baatar”.

Byambasuren Davaa, during the premiere of “The cave of the Yellow dog” on August 8th 2005, in Ulaan Baatar

Etienne Perruchon

We met during the preparation of a concert of Dogora. Etienne has quickly become a friend and was very pleased to join our sponsor committee. We took him by surprise in his element, during a rehearsal of the memorable Dogora concert in Vienne (France): 


Patrice Leconte

This is obviously during one of our meetings with Etienne Perruchon, that we were lucky to cross the path of director Patrice Leconte, who made this so emotive film “Dogora : ouvrons les yeux”. Patrice accepted to join our sponsor committee:


Jean-Baptiste Maunier

The president of Actions-Mongolie being a parent of a student of the College Saint-Marc, Jean-Baptiste Maunier was pleased to assist with some of our Dogora concerts and, he notably congratulated our dear young pianist friend, Sarah Zajtmann. He also accepted to join our sponsor committee:



Etienne Perruchon, Jean-Baptiste Maunier, and Patrice Leconte are trying out the Mongolian gastronomy and Mongolian hats during the first meeting of the sponsor committee, in October 7th 2008.