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Actions Mongolie thanks the Caisse des Dépôts, the Département du Rhône and "Rendez-vous en terre inconnue"

Actions Mongolie general meeting took place on the last 17th of October. It allowed the team to introduce it’s latest missions, so the moral, activities and financial reports, which you can find on our website. This meeting was also the opportunity to ask for any goodwill : our development brings us to reinforce the smaller teams created in 2001. We need back up in our financial researchs, our communication, our logistic, the management of our every year more numerous members, and in the research of medical equipment... If you believe you have skills that could be useful to us and obviously some free time to take part in this adventure, please contact us ! If you don’t have the time, nor the skills.. you can still help us by becoming MEMBERSHIP ! You can find here the 2009 membership form… You still have few days to support us this year 2009 while saving 66% of your gift: A fiscal receipt will be sent immediately !

The assembly certainly remembers the touching accounts of our doctors:


Chantal Novel, ophtalmologist at Saint Vallier, has just spent three weeks at Dalanzadgad, (Capital of Gobi desert) with our surgeon René Fritsch to bring a precious help, as much in formation as in new equipment, thanks to the help received from the Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations Tiers Monde fondation. On the left, we can see her working with the mongol doctor. On the right, a young mongolian will recover the sight thanks to a cataract bilateral surgery which handicapped him since his birth.


We still have to complete next year the equipment of this hospital with a Javal, a aplanation tonometer, un visual field, a biometer and some other less important equipment. To finance these purchases, we organize on Saturday, the 26th of june 2010, at the Auditorium Maurice Ravel in Lyon, a classical concert with « DOGORA »  composed by our godfather Etienne Perruchon. Our other godfather Jean-Baptiste Maunier will sing , for the first time as a tenor solist ! We will tell you more very soon about it, but you can from now book this date !
Then the doctor Jacques Lagoutte, also coming back from Mongolia, presented the mongolian doctors attempts in endoscopic surgery at Uulaan Baatar, and proposed to lead a project in this domain.
By this time, the emergency doctor Yves Prunier welcomed a Mongolian Emergency Services team and organized for them a tour of the french "Securité Civile" department. He showed us the main aspects and the perspectives of a Franco-Mongole collaboration on this subject. Yves’ blog describes this visit.
Then the movie maker Dominique Gabrieli showed his documentary on the 2008 mission at Uulaankhus. This 52 minutes movie emoved the assembly. Dominique could translate by images the spirit of our missions, the satisfactions, the usefull humility and the difficulties of our work there.
Eventually, Actions Mongolie thanks the Département du Rhône who renewed his help in 2009, and the producers of the program « Rendez-vous en terre inconnue » (Bonne Pioche Production) who gave to Actions Mongolie a part of the benefice from the DVD « Bruno Solo chez les cavaliers Mongols ».
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